Premier Division Standings
Sharpeshooters 14104070
River Rebels 14102261
Victims 1475261
Felsons 1465353
Rayleigh Lanes Lions 1455447
Outlaws 1445544
Armourers 1453642
Fats & Smalls 1436542
Pickpockets A 1425738
Root Vegetambles 1433837
Fallen Starrs 1426637
The Fasonifications 1405929

James Moore River Rebels14230
John Perfect Sharpeshooters14210
Chris Thurkettle Victims14210
Tony Holden Sharpeshooters14210
Rhys Piper Rayleigh Lanes Lions14205
Alan Bambridge River Rebels14205
Dave Preedy The Fasonifications13195
Aaron Byrne Victims14195
Stephen Sharpe Sharpeshooters14195
Stuart Court Victims14190
Michael Fischer Sharpeshooters14185
Jimmy Carney Armourers13180
Kim Carney Armourers14180
Peter Dobinson Fats & Smalls14180
Anthony Morley River Rebels13175
Spencer Cummings Felsons14175
Ian Nash Felsons13170
Dave Tipler Root Vegetambles14170
Wayne Macpherson Pickpockets A14170
Andrew Steele Outlaws13160
Darren Ditzel Felsons14160
Dan Newman-Portch Fallen Starrs12155
Martin Attwood Rayleigh Lanes Lions13155
TJ Wright Victims14155
Anthony Coughlan The Fasonifications13150
Bobby Tekere Fats & Smalls13145
Tollon Adkins Outlaws14145
Bob Grace Fats & Smalls13140
Damian Whitington Felsons14140
Dave Macpherson Pickpockets A14140
Matt Moore River Rebels11135
Chris Hall Sharpeshooters12135
Wayne Smart Fallen Starrs13135
Steve Macpherson Pickpockets A13135
Royce Aldridge River Rebels14135
Toby Woolf Fats & Smalls11130
Ray Whale Sharpeshooters9125
Pete Ward Rayleigh Lanes Lions9125
Mitch Morris Victims12125
Dougie Greig Outlaws13125
Jan Sterling Armourers14125
Peter Hall Victims11120
Mark Needs Outlaws13120
Steve McConnell Outlaws8115
Stuart Hill Fallen Starrs9115
Greg Tugby Rayleigh Lanes Lions10115
Derek Pryor Root Vegetambles13110
Jimmy Grey Fallen Starrs13110
Simon Ray Felsons14110
Mark Byworth Rayleigh Lanes Lions10100
Tony Wakeling Felsons12100
Mark Gava Root Vegetambles13100
David Watts River Rebels13100
Dan Jeffery Pickpockets A895
Daryl Nichols Root Vegetambles1295
Paul Davies Armourers1295
Jim Ray Armourers1495
Glen Campen Pickpockets A1480
Mike Davies Pickpockets A1480
Glenn Baker Fats & Smalls875
Lee Smith Fallen Starrs1075
Mark Lambert Outlaws570
Steve Thomas Root Vegetambles670
Paul Salmons The Fasonifications870
David Pugsley Fats & Smalls1170
Simon Barrell The Fasonifications1270
Ian Everard Fallen Starrs865
Chas Coakley Root Vegetambles1160
Darren Morgan The Fasonifications1460
Mike Sterry Armourers655
Roy Wakeling Fats & Smalls1055
John Smith Rayleigh Lanes Lions1155
Adam Stevens Felsons350
Jason Hill Fallen Starrs750
Neil Caskey Fallen Starrs1050
Kevin Pryor Root Vegetambles745
Joe Clements Outlaws640
Chas Lock Sharpeshooters435
Rikki Ashcroft River Rebels535
Alex Cunningham Root Vegetambles735
Gary Parker Armourers935
Jamie Thomas Rayleigh Lanes Lions1035
Alex Russell The Fasonifications630
Dave Weller Rayleigh Lanes Lions625
Andy Taylor The Fasonifications825
David Whitehead Rayleigh Lanes Lions120
Dean Galbally Sharpeshooters220
Dennis Syrett Outlaws320
Steve Court Victims420
Clive Robe The Fasonifications620
Chaz Playle The Fasonifications415
Sam Hall Armourers210
Craig Hinde Pickpockets A610
Jason Howard Outlaws35
Matt Bysh Fats & Smalls10
Rebecca Cooper Victims10
Glen Harding Fallen Starrs20
Andy Collins Fats & Smalls20
Aaron Simpson Outlaws30