Premier Division Standings
Sharpeshooters 221480104
River Rebels 22137292
Victims 22109391
Felsons 2298583
Rayleigh Lanes Lions 2298579
Armourers 2285970
Fallen Starrs 2269770
Outlaws 22661066
Fats & Smalls 2258965
Pickpockets A 22471162
Root Vegetambles 22561160
The Fasonifications 22051737

James Moore River Rebels22370
John Perfect Sharpeshooters22350
Michael Fischer Sharpeshooters22325
Stuart Court Victims21315
Rhys Piper Rayleigh Lanes Lions22315
Jimmy Carney Armourers21305
Chris Thurkettle Victims21305
Peter Dobinson Fats & Smalls22300
Andrew Steele Outlaws21295
Ian Nash Felsons21290
Stephen Sharpe Sharpeshooters22290
Aaron Byrne Victims22285
Alan Bambridge River Rebels22285
Darren Ditzel Felsons22280
Spencer Cummings Felsons21270
Tony Holden Sharpeshooters22270
Stuart Hill Fallen Starrs17265
Kim Carney Armourers22265
Matt Moore River Rebels19260
Wayne Macpherson Pickpockets A22260
Martin Attwood Rayleigh Lanes Lions20250
Dave Macpherson Pickpockets A22245
Dave Tipler Root Vegetambles22245
Dave Preedy The Fasonifications19240
Royce Aldridge River Rebels22240
Anthony Morley River Rebels21235
Dan Newman-Portch Fallen Starrs18230
Ray Whale Sharpeshooters17225
Greg Tugby Rayleigh Lanes Lions17220
Bob Grace Fats & Smalls21220
Jan Sterling Armourers22220
Pete Ward Rayleigh Lanes Lions15215
Steve McConnell Outlaws15215
Mitch Morris Victims20210
Damian Whitington Felsons22210
Peter Hall Victims18200
TJ Wright Victims21200
Tollon Adkins Outlaws21200
Dougie Greig Outlaws21190
Lee Smith Fallen Starrs18185
Mark Gava Root Vegetambles20180
Jimmy Grey Fallen Starrs19175
Derek Pryor Root Vegetambles19170
Mark Byworth Rayleigh Lanes Lions18165
Paul Davies Armourers18165
Glen Campen Pickpockets A22165
Dan Jeffery Pickpockets A16160
Toby Woolf Fats & Smalls16160
Anthony Coughlan The Fasonifications20160
Chris Hall Sharpeshooters14155
Steve Thomas Root Vegetambles14155
Daryl Nichols Root Vegetambles19155
Mark Needs Outlaws20155
Steve Macpherson Pickpockets A21155
Mike Davies Pickpockets A22155
Bobby Tekere Fats & Smalls16150
Wayne Smart Fallen Starrs17150
David Watts River Rebels19150
Glenn Baker Fats & Smalls14145
Simon Ray Felsons22145
Tony Wakeling Felsons19140
Ian Everard Fallen Starrs14125
Jim Ray Armourers21120
Roy Wakeling Fats & Smalls18110
Paul Salmons The Fasonifications12105
Kevin Pryor Root Vegetambles1395
Adam Stevens Felsons590
Chas Lock Sharpeshooters1090
John Smith Rayleigh Lanes Lions1590
Chas Coakley Root Vegetambles1790
Darren Morgan The Fasonifications1980
Mark Lambert Outlaws875
Mike Sterry Armourers875
Simon Barrell The Fasonifications1475
Gary Parker Armourers1675
Joe Clements Outlaws1170
David Pugsley Fats & Smalls1170
Glen Harding Fallen Starrs965
Ronald Vooght Fats & Smalls760
Dave Weller Rayleigh Lanes Lions1260
Alex Russell The Fasonifications1155
Clive Robe The Fasonifications1050
Jason Hill Fallen Starrs1050
Neil Caskey Fallen Starrs1050
Jason Howard Outlaws545
Steve Court Victims840
David Whitehead Rayleigh Lanes Lions335
Rikki Ashcroft River Rebels635
Alex Cunningham Root Vegetambles735
Jamie Thomas Rayleigh Lanes Lions1035
Sam Hall Armourers330
Chaz Playle The Fasonifications830
Andy Taylor The Fasonifications925
Dean Galbally Sharpeshooters220
Dennis Syrett Outlaws420
Craig Hinde Pickpockets A610
Chris Winmill Armourers15
Simon Kirby Fats & Smalls25
Rebecca Cooper Victims10
Peter Wrobel River Rebels10
Andy Collins Fats & Smalls20
Matt Bysh Fats & Smalls20
Aaron Simpson Outlaws30