Division 1 Standings
Desperados 221930117
Rayleigh Lanes Sports 221633106
Retro Army 22107583
More by Luck 22116582
Pocket Rockets 2276973
The Firm 2285971
Rayleigh Potters 2277871
Pockets 2276968
Dead Potters Society 22481065
Benfleet Social 2259862
Spreadeagle 22261448
Barts Boys 22121922

Jason Bowers Rayleigh Lanes Sports21375
Dan Piper More by Luck20365
Phil Lewis Retro Army22355
Darren Baines Rayleigh Lanes Sports20350
Darren Thomas Desperados20340
Nick Sammons Desperados22340
Mark Yates Desperados21325
James Shea Rayleigh Potters22320
Reece Barham More by Luck22320
Ron Kirby Benfleet Social22310
Jay Wade Desperados22310
Niki Milman Retro Army21305
Ian Holder Rayleigh Lanes Sports22305
Rahat Tazalbash Retro Army22290
James Moyser The Firm16285
Dean Churchill Rayleigh Lanes Sports21280
Scot Brown Pocket Rockets21260
Wesley Nunn Rayleigh Potters20245
Mark Winch Pockets20245
Matt Watson Dead Potters Society17240
Stuart Jones More by Luck22240
Brett Matson Rayleigh Lanes Sports22240
Chris McCarthy Desperados15225
Mark Sutherland Rayleigh Lanes Sports19225
Perry Lee Benfleet Social22225
Mike Overy Pockets20220
John Palmer Benfleet Social22220
Todd Turner Spreadeagle18215
Joe Burroughs The Firm19215
Lee Mitchell Rayleigh Potters21215
Steve Shannon Pocket Rockets22210
Ray Harris Desperados15205
Kevin Grover Dead Potters Society16205
Marc Waldron Pockets22205
Martin Hutchins Retro Army22205
Dan Knight Pocket Rockets22200
Cliff Watson Dead Potters Society19195
Sam Clark Pocket Rockets22195
Jamie Lee Benfleet Social22190
Jamie Astley Barts Boys18170
Dean Martyn Pockets16165
Frank Tiller Pocket Rockets18165
Craig Deal The Firm15160
Gary Nelder Rayleigh Potters19160
Kevin Jones More by Luck22155
Alex Cunningham Barts Boys13150
Ben Thompson Dead Potters Society16150
Scott Brown The Firm17150
Stephen Nutkins Pocket Rockets18150
Pietro Masoero Spreadeagle17145
Lee Stocks The Firm17145
Darren Graham Pockets14140
Trevor Hindle Retro Army20140
Mark Jackson Dead Potters Society12135
John Hall The Firm14135
Ray Collard Benfleet Social22135
Bob Thomas Desperados10130
DJ Rogers Spreadeagle17125
Andy Gilbert Spreadeagle20125
John Perry Rayleigh Potters13120
Kristian Storrie Barts Boys16120
Tab Bhatti Spreadeagle16115
John Lavery The Firm13110
Darren Tovey Retro Army17110
Nick Hutchins Barts Boys17110
Danny Bass Rayleigh Potters8105
Andy Collins Spreadeagle17105
Matt Parmenter More by Luck10100
Louis Matthews Pockets11100
Dean Shannon Pocket Rockets695
Jason Dowsett Pockets1290
Leon Harper More by Luck885
David Hipson Dead Potters Society1085
Carl Hargrove Dead Potters Society1185
Rob Baldock More by Luck1285
Simon Malton Desperados570
Mark Jeakins Dead Potters Society1165
Brad Hart More by Luck1265
Karl Cooper Rayleigh Potters760
Chris Bengree Pockets1560
Colin Gilbert Spreadeagle1760
Cliff Bobin The Firm850
Lewis Alderman Dead Potters Society1050
Stuart Smith Rayleigh Potters1050
Adam Francis Dead Potters Society1045
Aaron Ali Barts Boys640
Dave Barley Rayleigh Lanes Sports740
Steve Cook Barts Boys735
Ricky Smith Barts Boys430
Arthur Leonard Rayleigh Potters630
Matt Neale Spreadeagle730
Charlie Lee Benfleet Social1230
Simon King Spreadeagle225
Paul Keenan More by Luck425
Matt Wood Barts Boys425
Georgina Brandrick The Firm425
Dale Cross Barts Boys625
Geoff Eastell The Firm320
Sean Lambe Barts Boys620
Simon Pizzulo Pocket Rockets215
Bernard McKewen Barts Boys515
Matt Barts Boys210
Steven Harfield Barts Boys210
Dave Gilbey Benfleet Social310
Neil Mansfield Benfleet Social710
Phil Frost Pockets15
John Storrie Barts Boys35
Ray Whale Desperados10
Luke Copping Retro Army30